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Sexy offenders

I have championed a new cause, in light of the hysteria surrounding the issue of teens, sex, and so-called offenders. I have several thing going on in regards to this battle which I have been in the middle of, as is anyone who has teens, or have engaged in any type of relationship while a teen, or with a teen.

There is some real hysteria involved with this wrought by the liberal media of all things, and unsurprisingly the christian moralist.

I want to see open discussion about this subject. Though it is difficult to be subjective, I know the truth will prevail in this matter, so long as people are willing to challenge the status quo if necessary.


Now lets run with it. Start by checking out these videos.


Teens having sex OMG what’s next. Are you serious?

This is some media induced hysteria, which is causing a lot of heartache, and sorrow for a lot of people. You or your children could be next. Fight this now while there is still a fighting chance.

All that, how to catch a predator and shit is just that, over dramatized shit. The reality is much worse. They are attempting to “expose” a problem, but are actually pulling off a fraud. 

Haven’t you ever been told not to believe what you see on TV? This is a perfect example. Propaganda is being used to further subjugate you, and especially you if you’re a teen.  

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